Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Steps in a Seo Project, Seo processes and seo steps

Link building is an important ingredient in a search engine optimization project. Simply getting links for your site blindly is not going to help. Rather go for a planned link exchange campaign with quality sites for better placements in search engines specially MSN, Yahoo and Google. Lets have a look at a complete lifecycle of a search engine optimization project:

Step 1 - Site Performance Audit
Step 2 - Objectives Setting
Step 3 - Project Plan & Timescales
Step 4 - Search Phrase Analysis & Selection
Step 5 - Content Development
Step 6 - Structure Optimization
Step 7 - Link Building
Step 8 - Search Engine Submission
Step 9 - Reporting & Analysis
Step 10 - Maintenance & Improvement

Seo is not a day work but a ongoing process. Remember other people are also working on their sites. So it is a never ending process till you become very big or you have a great brand.