Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why blogs

These days a lot of blogs comes for a particular searched term on top of search engines, neck to neck with best sites on the web. Have you wandered why..?

It is all because blogs have all the features which is difficult to be achieved by a site namely:

# Keyword centric content
# Regular updates
# Less of images
# Navigation well defined with optimized urls
# Html optimized at its best (by default most of the blogs are done using only css, all better for search engines)
# A new page could be created within minutes with easy to work admin
# Option to target n number of keywords with focus on one keyword per post.
# Bring repeated visitors (main source of blog traffic) as every time one visits the site, he has something new to see.
# Traffic on blogs are more reliable till it is updated regularly

How blog will help your site in search engines:

You have optimized your main site, got back links and rankings for keywords. if you make a blog, you will be optimizing it separately, getting back links and its own tr# affic. Think of what would be transferred and gained from blog and to your main site. To name a few- PR, traffic, customer relationship, brand etc. This will also help in building online communities. The blog will help in building relationships with clients as it is very interactive and effective communication channel. They have the ability to improve branding by communicating effectively rather than a dry PR release.

Say seo shortlists 100 most important keywords for the site. There might be another 500 which would be not that, but every hit counts on web. Now if one wants to target all the 500 keyword for the site it would create nothing but mess of everything. Blogs could come to rescue in this type of situation. Here one has an option to target n number of keywords with n number of posts.

Slowly and gradually it would also increase the number of keyword rich pages on the site and the site would be benefited by number of internal links.